Troop 1 Trail Signs

December 2015 Camping 

In addition to working on the map and compass skills, at El Rancho Cima Scout Reserve last weekend we took a leaf out of the pages of Merit Badge Book (Signs, Signals, and Codes) and the boys went on a trail blazed with trail signs.  To introduce the concept, adults placed the trail blazes (below) on a trail that eventually brought the boys to the bear-vault with a variety of trail snacks inside. This is a great activity for scouts of all ages. We made a small booklet that they can carry in their camping gear. Booklets are available at the Troop 1 meetings.

The GPS technology like Google Earth, Garmen,  and others are great techniques for finding the way especially around town and can be explored in other Merit Badge books. But with a few carefully placed rocks and twigs the route is always available especially if needed for survival. These blazes were used before the days of high tech the first among the trails signs that are used by woodcrafters, Indians, and hunters. Baden Powell said, “A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.” Check out these additional websites for more information: 

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Sample Signs and Blazes: