Summer 2014

Troop 1 Summer Newsletter

Troop 1 members are not the only ones in town with the #1 on our uniforms, the Cub Scout Pack 1, and Venturing Crew 1 units also have the same number and are sponsored by the same Charter Organization.

Cub Scout Pack 1: Paul’s beading

Way to go, Paul!

Way to go, Paul!

Paul Slutes, the Cub Master for Pack 1 has earned his Wood Badge Beads. He had his beading ceremony at First Presbyterian Church on Monday, April 21, 2014. The boys from his Pack 1 performed a great skit and cheered the loudest from the front row when Paul received his beads. Many of his Patrol members were also present. It was a wonderful time of celebration for Paul’s accomplishments. Next time you see Paul, be sure to congratulate him for working his tickets. Fall Wood Badge begins October 24-26, 2014. The second class is scheduled for November 7-9, 2014. It is a lot of fun to attend both weekends to complete the class work. Hopefully, Troop 1 will help  Cub Scout Pack 1 with recruiting night again this year providing games and fun while the adults receive the presentation and forms.

Next, we have the opportunity of meeting the new Venturing Crew 1 who graciously wrote an article for our newsletter:

An Introduction to Crew 1

by: Claire Nelson, Crew President and Lilly Andersen, Vice President

A hike to the 1,804-foot summit of Silver Peak was one of the many things that Crew 1 accomplished on our “California Excursion” early this summer. Over the course of the two-week trip our crew stayed at three different Boy Scout camps in California- one on Catalina Island, one in the mountains of the Sequoia Forest, and one in the outskirts of Los Angles. For the first week and a half we spent our time participating in adventures such as a fourteen-mile bike ride down steep trails in the Sequoia Forest, a seven-mile canoeing trip, paddle-boarding, lots of hiking, swimming, COPE courses, and a scuba dive off of Catalina Island. Then we concluded our trip by spending time at LA beaches, shops, and touring many places.



Our Crew loves the outdoors and is big on empowering girls to take more leadership roles. We started out as a Girl Scout Troop in Kindergarten and as we got more interested in the outdoors we found that BSA offered better opportunities to participate in high adventure and outdoor activities, so we recently formed our own crew. If someone asked me to sum up our group of girls with a few words, I would tell them that that is simply an impossible task because of how long we have known each other. As a group we have been through so much together ranging from camping in several types of severe weather to dealing with each other’s emotions and learning how to communicate with each other so that everyone’s needs are met. Currently the crew could be described as experienced campers, so much so that we teach classes on backpacking and camping to younger Girl Scouts.  But if you ask any of the members, they could tell you that this was not always the case. We started our introduction to true camping around second grade and didn’t adjust so well to it at first. On our first camping trip we showed up to our campsite in good spirits, excited to take on the new challenge, and everything went very well until it was time to go to sleep. Then, we not only had some girls uneasy from being away from home, but when the raccoons stirred near the campsite and crickets jumped into the tent it left some girls unable to sleep. Going forward several years to this past November, our Girl Scout troop hosted an event to a theme of The Amazing Race for our whole Service Unit. We planned a weekend full of activities including a backpacking class and a day-long race to a similar style of the TV show, The Amazing Race, with camping skills challenges. This is an example that shows how much we have grown, going from not being able to handle crickets in the tent to teaching younger girls how to lead their own trips and what to do in the outdoors. Something our crew is planning for this coming year is a trip to the Swiss Alps in July 2015. We are planning on spending about ten days in Switzerland trekking through the Alps along a chain of huts, where we will sleep each night. Our interest in this trip arises from our strong sense of adventure and desire to try new things that are both mentally and physically challenging for us, which a strenuous trek through the Alps has promised. Much of our next year will be spent training and preparing for the adventures we are sure to have in Switzerland. Right now we are in the process of recruiting more people to come with us to Switzerland, so if you are interested in finding out more details about it and possibly joining us on the trip, please feel free to contact us. On our quest to obtain the new skills that we will need, our crew might also be interested in participating in some of Troop 1’s campouts/events to learn some of the skills you already have and explore new ways of running things that might work better for us than what we already do. We would like to reach out to your members for help with some of the service projects our crew organizes, which could be explained in more detail as they come up. Our crew is looking forward to exploring even more of the opportunities offered by the BSA program and interacting more closely with your troop as we do so.  Ultimately, we hope to continue to develop our outdoor skills and take more amazing trips to use and enjoy them.

Crew 1

Crew 1

 Now that we have had a chance to meet and greet our kindred #1 units, let’s take a look at:

 What Troop 1 has been up to over the summer?

First, a special note of gratitude to those who spent months of planning, medical form gathering,  coordinating directions, for the drivers to summer camp and the adults participating at Camp Orr this summer, and the parents who let us spend time with their kids.  An extra special “Thanks” to the generous members of Troop 55, their Scout Master and his boys in Dennison Texas for providing us with a warm welcome our first night out. There were movies, cookies, and refrigerated soft drinks and water. Adults were supplied with cots and coffee. Sunday morning we were well rested and ready for the drive into Jasper, Arkansas. The kindness of Troop 55 is an inspiration to us all. We arrived at the Camp Orr after passing the brake check on the way down into the valley. We all went to the “Vespers” the first night to meet the camp staff.  This is also the spot where the Interfaith Chapel Service was held and Troop1 participated by leading the Scout version of Kum-Bah-Ya song during the service.



The fun filled evening of skits, songs, and campfire ended and we headed back to our camp site named “Deer”. In the morning we had a flag ceremony at our campsite and then went to breakfast. We held this Troop flag ceremony each day at Deer campsite. In addition, the entire camp gathered each day before breakfast we had an opening flag ceremony and before dinner we had a closing flag ceremony.  Monday morning, the High Adventure Trek headed out after breakfast and all the base camp scouts went to their Merit Badge classes. At this point the river was at normal levels. Later in the week, the Camp Director stated that the river was too high due to heavy rainfall and he did not want us crossing this river to get to the hiking trails to Antenna Pine. The scouts at base camp left this hike undone so that in the event that we return it will be a new adventure. Each day after lunch there was a volleyball court set up, however, the boys did not simply play volleyball, they played Nuc’em. This game was observed by many of the adult leaders, but only played by the boys. They even played in the rain, so it must have been a riot!  



During summer camp week one of our adults went to the LNT (Leave No Trace) training classes. We all will benefit from learning how we can practice the LNT skills on our campouts.  Camp Orr has recently adopted a prayer and the author recited before lunch.

Camp Orr Prayer:

Written by: Harold L. Pyle

As the Buffalo River flows

     Thru the Ozarks,

We by the Grace of God,

Gather near Scouters Bend,

For Fellowship, Fun, and Food.


Keeping in mind that we have been in drought conditions for most of the time our younger scouts have been going on campouts, we had rain most every day during camp. This provided excellent training resource and we endeavored to persevere!  A Dutch Oven cobbler cooking contest on Wednesday night and our boys at base camp entered with this blue (Smurf)  cobbler with drops of Hot Sauce because we haven’t found anything that doesn’t taste better with hot sauce.

Seriously Delicious!

Seriously Delicious!

The members of the Troop that went on the High Adventure Trek did not let the rain slow them down, achieving their 50 miles (more like 62 miles) of hiking to landmarks like Antenna Pine, camping, and canoeing along  the Buffalo River. I think they would have kept on going if the Ranger would have let them.  Upon their return to base camp they found clean clothes and hiked out again to Twin Falls.  We returned to home June 28th to hearth and home.

Arrow points to the regional Antenna Pine tree as seen from the flag grounds! We will hang the flag there next time guys!

Arrow points to the regional Antenna Pine tree as seen from the flag grounds! We will hang the flag there next time guys!

Philmont Training Center:  

By: Kim Welter

Do you know that there is over 137,000 acres of land that was donated by Mr. Waite Phillips to the Boy Scouts of America in Northeastern New Mexico? We went to where the Rocky Mountains meet the Plains on the historic Santa Fe Trail where wagon headed west would look for this landmark "The tooth of Time." One of the highlights for us, besides visiting Trenton’s Baldy Mountain General Store, was working on the Philmont Scout Ranch Duty to God patch. The booklet of daily readings helped us to be mindful of the many blessings surrounding us each day. It was easy to rejoice in the mild weather, meeting other BSA families from around the world, fabulous tents, excellent training, the family programs, modern bathrooms, and good camp food. The list could go on and on! It was also easy to fill every waken moment with exciting training activities, but by working on the Duty to God booklet we were reminded  to Count the blessing that God gives us and admire His handiwork. We attended interfaith services at the Philmont Training Center Chapel and Catholic services near the Tooth of Time.  Every day there is a trek returning from the backcountry and trek’s preparing to go out to the backcountry ranging from 5-10 days all over the ranch with the desire to attend these services. We learned these Chapel services are always full and that Philmont Chaplin’s responsibilities also include search and rescue. There are 5 chapels for many types of worship services. My heart was overflowing with joy out there in God’s country and although I cannot bring Philmont to you, I want to share this very special part of the Boy Scouts with you.  There are many Religious Emblems that can be earned and Duty to God patches that will allow you to draw closer to Him. Please set up a time with the Chaplain Aide if you would like more information. A Scout is Reverent.

Lightning striking the Tooth of Time taken by PTC photography class members!

Lightning striking the Tooth of Time taken by PTC photography class members!

Troop Calendar: Weekly Meetings: Tuesday nights

Thanks to our Popcorn “Kernel” there are scheduled Show-N-Sell Popcorn Sales are taking place during the month of August.

Popcorn TIme again!

Popcorn TIme again!


August 2014

 23 - Cub Scout/Boy Scout/Venture Leader

September 2014

10 - District Key Three Meeting

11 - Cub Scout/Boy Scout Roundtables

11 - OA Chapter Meeting

18 – Re-charter Training

18 - Fall Membership Tally Night

18 - Nominating Committee (year around)

25 - District Committee Meeting

26-28 - BALOO/OWLS/IOLS Trainings

October 2014

9 - Cub Scout/Boy Scout Roundtables

9 - OA Chapter Meeting

10-12 - Webelos Woods

16 - Nominating Committee (year around)

23 - District Committee Meeting

23 - Annual Business Meeting

30 - Cub Scout leader Specific Training

Chisholm Trail District Scoutmaster/Asst. Scoutmaster Leader specific Training


This course will cover the practical skills necessary to run a successful boy-led troop, including the role of adults, program planning, troop administration, the outdoor program and advancement. SM/ASM LST should be taken in conjunction with IOLS. Lunch provided. Class runs 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Event Cost: $20. Fees include lunch and snacks. Address: Round Rock Presbyterian Church, 4010 Sam Bass Road, Round Rock, TX, 78681

Capitol Area Council Boy Scout Winter Camp:

Winter Camp is a great time to be at Lost Pines Boy Scout Camp. The staff is focused on providing the best possible program, including many merit badges that are not normally offered at summer camp.

Registration coming soon!

December 26-30, 2014 Week 1

December 31, 2014 – January 4, 2014 Week 2


Recipe of the Month

Oatmeal Raisin Bars:

 ½ cup butter

2/3 cup packed light brown sugar

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup all-purpose flour

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp. salt

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 cup old fashioned rolled oats

1 cup raisins

Mix butter and sugar well, then add egg and vanilla. In a separate bowl, combine dry ingredients. Add dry ingredients to the butter mix gradually. Press batter into lightly greased 8x8 baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown. Cool and cut into bars. Store in 1 gallon plastic storage bag and take as desert, breakfast, or both on the next campout!

Tips: Put a sheet of wax paper over dish to press the dough evenly without getting it on your hands.

More or Less:  Double the recipe and bake in 9x11 baking dish (bake 30-35 minutes) or drop the dough by tablespoon to make cookies (bake 10-12 minutes).

The valley entrance to Camp Orr after descending the mountain. The Buffalo River just beyond the trees (right).

The valley entrance to Camp Orr after descending the mountain. The Buffalo River just beyond the trees (right).